Best Stays To See Natural Phenomena

Best Stays To See Natural Phenomena

2nd November 2023

It goes without saying that Mother Nature certainly knows how to put on a show.

A show so spectacular that people will travel right across the world to experience it.

From celestial ballets of light dancing across the Northern Hemisphere to ferocious lava flowing through craters made from past eruptions, witnessing natural phenomena is often high on people’s bucket lists and is often the reason behind many of today’s travel excursions.

So, for anyone wanting to experience such a spectacle, we’ve rounded up some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural phenomena and shared our suggestions of where best to stay to catch a glimpse of them.

Best Stays To See Natural Phenomena

Northern Lights

First up, a phenomenon on many people’s bucket lists: Aurora Borealis. Otherwise known as the Northern Lights.

The beautiful waves of light have captivated people for millennia and people regularly travel to far-northern destinations for the opportunity to see the spectacle.

Technically speaking, they occur when waves of energised particles from the sun enter our atmosphere. This causes magical waves of green, purple and red to dance across the sky.

And it appears that people are even keener for a glimpse of this phenomenon than ever with Google searches for 'top 10 best places to see the Northern Lights' increasing by 200% in the last year alone.

Top Coolstays to see the Northern Lights

Croft 103

Durness - Sutherland

Sleeps Two crofts, each sleeping 2 adults

In the UK, searches for 'Northern Lights Scotland today' have increased by 250% over the last year, highlighting that people are looking closer to home to see the phenomenon. These eco-hideouts right in the north of the country offer the perfect place with their floor-to-ceiling windows and outdoor bathtubs.

The Arctic Hideaway

Fleinvær - Nordland

Sleeps 10

Norway is also a popular choice for aurora borealis sightings with an average of 26,000 searches globally each month and this is an off-grid experience to see them unlike no other. These unique eco-friendly cabins, with their island location, are surrounded by rugged mountains and views as far as the eye can see.

Barn House

Stokkseyri - Iceland

Sleeps 5

Google searches for ‘Northern lights Iceland’ are at around 48,000 globally each month and this unique barn in a small village on the south coast is the ideal place to see them. Away from any light pollution and deep in the countryside, it offers views of the ocean and lava coastline along with potential aurora borealis sightings.

Manshausen Sea Cabins

Nordskot - Steigen

Sleeps 4

Those looking to head to Norway to see the Northern Lights should also consider these magical sea cabins dotted along the coast, which offer beautiful views overlooking the sea and mountains. With three sides made of glass, watch the changing sea and sky from your bed - as well as the celestial ballet of light if you’re lucky!

Fogo Island Inn

Joe Batt's Arm - Newfoundland

Sleeps 2-4 per room

Further afield on Canada’s Fogo Island, this inn is perched on stilts and offers never-ending views across the horizon that add to the peaceful remoteness, untouched wilderness and vast natural surroundings. The landscape makes for an epic backdrop to see the auroras - if you can book one of the popular inn’s 29 bedrooms, that is!

Best Stays To See Natural Phenomena

Meteor Showers

Another spectacular natural phenomenon that occurs above our heads is meteor showers, or more romantically referred to as ‘shooting stars’.

This celestial event is when the Earth passes through the path and debris left by a comet or asteroid.

Meteor showers clearly fascinate the masses with searches for the phenomenon being as high as 162,000 worldwide each month.

In fact, searches for ‘stargazing events near me’ have increased by over 5000% worldwide in the last year alone, but what about those wanting to combine these celestial events with their travel plans?

Where are the best places in the world to catch these magnificent happenings?

Top Coolstays to see Meteor Showers

Rock Reach House

Yucca Valley - California

Sleeps 4

Joshua Tree National Park is considered one of the best stargazing spots in the US, being so high above sea level and with little light pollution, and Rock Reach House is the perfect place to stay. Relax in a jacuzzi nestled amongst the rocks and watch meteor showers dance across the desert.

Love Cabins

Bilpin - Blue Mountains

Sleeps 2-8

Searches for ‘Blue Mountains stargazing’ have increased by 190% in the last year and these off-the-beaten-track cabins offer stellar views of the Australian mountain range and potential meteor showers. Soak up the views of the dramatic mountaintops and experience their magnitude beneath the area’s starry skies.

Amilla Fushi

Amilla Fushi - Maldives

Sleeps 2-4

The Maldives offers stargazing opportunities all year round as a result of little light pollution and, located in the breathtaking UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll, Amilla Fushi is a perfect hotel to enjoy a celestial experience with its private outdoor pools and uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean.


Brecon - Powys

Sleeps 2

An International Dark-Sky reserve, Brecon Beacons is renowned for its spectacular stargazing opportunities and those looking to enjoy a glimpse of the Milky Way will enjoy doing so in this quirky, converted horsebox nestled within a wildflower meadow. Enjoy the magnificence of shooting stars either on its quaint balcony or from the outdoor hot tub.

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel

Wadi Rum - Jordan

Sleeps 2 per bubble

Somewhere else uninterrupted by light pollution is the desert and Wadi Rum in Jordan offers one of the best stargazing experiences you can have. Have a night under the stars in a luxury ‘bubble’ that features a transparent roof, big windows, and a sunken outdoor hot tub perfect for gazing up at any shooting stars.

Best Stays To See Natural Phenomena

Volcanic Activity

One of the more ferocious natural phenomena, volcanoes are ruptures in the crust of the Earth that allow hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases to escape.

And in the last decade, volcano tourism has boomed.

For example, the day after Mount Kilauea erupted on December 2020, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park saw a sharp spike in visitors.

Travellers are known to visit iconic volcanoes around the world - whether it be smoking craters like Mount Vesuvius or to see actual lava flow in active spots like Hawaii.

In fact, searches for ‘volcano tour’ have increased by 5000% worldwide since 2004 - so where is best in the world to experience such a fiery phenomenon?

Top Coolstays to Watch Volcano Activity

Lava Home

Kalapana - Hawaii

Sleeps 2 +2

Anyone fascinated by volcano activity should consider a stay at this cosy, off-grid cabin on Hawaii’s Kalapana lava beds near the base of the Kilauea Volcano. Relax on your patio or in your outdoor bathtub, which offers views of the volcano, the ocean, and black lava fields as far as the eye can see.

Volcano Kahaualea Cottage

Volcano - Hawaii

Sleeps 2

Another place to experience Hawaii’s fascinating Volcano National Park is by staying in this quaint cottage in the aptly named village of Volcano. It is located right next to the Nahuku lava tube and the start of the Devastation Trail, a paved path through a volcanic-scarred area.

Miles Of Mountains

Sicily - Italy

Sleeps 8

One of the world’s most active volcanos, Mount Etna has erupted four times since the millennium alone. For anyone wanting to catch a glimpse of the looming figure, and potentially even an eruption, visit this stunning Sicilian villa and enjoy the views from its saltwater infinity pool of the valley, mountains, and infamous volcano.

Casa Bea

Lipari - Sicily

Sleeps 13

Another of Italy’s very active volcanoes, Mount Stromboli, can be viewed from this charming apartment on Lipari island. Constantly active with minor eruptions, the volcanic uplands of Stromboli can be admired from the balcony and an evening boat trip can be arranged to further admire the lava flows and fumaroles.

Bay View Naples

Naples - Italy

Sleeps 4 +1

Rounding up Italy’s spectacular volcanic viewing opportunities, Bay View Naples offers a glorious vista of the Napoli coastline and its panoramic balcony is the ideal place to gaze at the looming figure of Mount Vesuvius across the bay.

Best Stays To See Natural Phenomena

Hot Springs

Another natural phenomenon that is often on travellers’ bucket lists is enjoying a hot spring.

Hot or thermal springs occur when hot water from deep in the Earth rises to the surface and forms warm pools.

These offer health perks such as stress relief and skin detoxing, and relaxing in them has long been a popular pastime.

The phenomenon actually sees an average of 322,000 global searches each month, which indicates that people are obviously keen to enjoy a thermal spring themselves.

But with so many to choose from around the world, where are the best places to go for such an experience?

Top Coolstays to Experience Hot Springs

The Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon

Grindavik - Iceland

Sleeps 2 per room

Famed for its thermal landscape, Iceland is high on people's lists for experiencing hot springs and one in particular, the Blue Lagoon. This contemporary hotel sits right on the edge of the famous hot spring and offers the opportunity to wake up and enjoy an early morning dip in its warming waters.

ION Adventure Hotel

Nesjavellir - Iceland

Sleeps Up to 4

Located in the west of Iceland, this quirky hotel is another fantastic place to experience the country’s geothermal energy. The building, which was once a staff building of a geothermal power plant, is surrounded by hot springs, cold rivers, and lava fields, and boasts its own free-flowing geothermal hot pool.

Glamping Olimia Adria Village

Podcetrtek - Slovenia

Sleeps 4

Those looking for a top-class thermal springs experience should consider staying within Europe’s best award-winning wellness and spa centres, Wellness Orhidelia. These spacious safari tents are the perfect way to enjoy it, by being able to wake up and walk right into the outdoor thermal swimming pool just outside your door.

7132 Hotel

Vals - Switzerland

Sleeps 2 per room

This hotel and spa complex in Vals, Switzerland, is built over the only thermal springs in the Graubünden canton and offers an uber-luxurious experience with its opulent rooms and outdoor hot baths with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Yurari Rojumoyo

Yufu - Japan

Sleeps 4

Searches for ‘Japan hot springs’ have increased worldwide by 70% in the last year and one of the best places to experience the country’s thermal waters is this traditional Japanese ryokan that sits at the foot of Mount Yufu and comes with its own open-air, hot-spring stone bath.

Best Stays To See Natural Phenomena


Waterfalls are awe-inspiring forces of nature that captivate people and entice them to visit these incredible natural wonders around the world.

But it isn’t just the biggest and boldest that draw people in.

People still enjoy visiting smaller waterfalls for the serene atmosphere that they create.

So, whether you want to experience a colossal plunge or just relax by a small drop, where are the best places to experience the wonder of waterfalls?

Top Coolstays to Witness Waterfalls

Waterfall Lodge

Killin - Perthshire

Sleeps 6

Aptly named, Waterfall Lodge is located within the stunning Scottish Highlands and offers guests the ultimate peace and tranquillity with a spectacular view from its outdoor hot tub of a waterfall and its cascade pool.

Waterfall Mill & Studio

Leyburn - North Yorkshire

Sleeps 8

Another UK destination for any waterfall enthusiasts is this beautifully converted mill that overlooks the breathtaking Cauldon Waterfall, which was famously sketched by artist J.M.W Turner from the mill itself. Its patio is certainly an enviable breakfast spot with a front-row view of the crashing water.

La Molina Soterres

Horta de Sant Joan - Catalonia

Sleeps 10

Situated in the southernmost part of Catalonia, this 13th-century watermill is only accessible by a quaint forest track but easy to find thanks to the waterfall running beside it, which you can swim right under and enjoy the beauty of from the many terraces or bedrooms of the house.

Billabong Falls

Olinda - Victoria

Sleeps 4

Further afield, this tranquil yet luxurious house is set amongst the trees of seven acres of gardens near Australia’s Yarra Valley and the huge glass windows in all rooms offer uninterrupted views of the tumbling waterfalls, hidden pools, and natural swimming hole within the grounds of the house.

Gran Melia Iguazu

Misiones - Argentina

Sleeps 2 per room

Iguazu Falls has seen a 160% increase in Google searches in the UK over the last year and those interested in seeing the largest waterfall system in the world should look no further than this hotel with such a boastful position that you can admire the spectacular views of the waterfalls from the comfort of your bed.

Best Stays To See Natural Phenomena


Another natural phenomenon that fascinates some people is stormy weather.

Why? Well, some psychologists believe that it is a result of the concept of ‘amniotic sound’, where people get comfort from hearing the slow rumble of thunder and intermittent crash of lightning striking in the distance.

In fact, some people engage in ‘storm watching’, a hobby that sees them visit specific destinations known for their wild weather conditions.

So, if you wanted to catch a glimpse of a spectacular storm, where is best to go?

Top Coolstays for Storm Watching

Mirror Houses

Bolzano - Italy

Sleeps 2+2 per house

Northern Italy sees some of the most lightning in Europe so anyone looking to catch a glimpse of the giant sparks of electricity should consider a stay in Mirror Houses in Bolzano. Not only does it offer amazing views over the peaks of the Dolomites but its quirky reflective exterior offers quite the spectacle when lightning strikes.

Odles Lodge

Brixen - Italy

Sleeps 13

Another Northern Italy property, this timber lodge in the heart of the Dolomite mountains sits at an enviable position of almost 2,000 metres and, as a result, the spectacular views from its bedrooms, sitting rooms, and balconies make them perfect viewing spots for lightning.

Sandcastle Luxury Villa

Wesley - Eastern Cape

Sleeps 8

Another destination known for its tropical, stormy weather is South Africa’s Eastern Coast and this quirky villa just outside of Port Alfred is the ideal place for ‘storm watching’ with each of its six bedrooms opening up onto views of the country’s cloudless shoreline.

Durango Dreams

Durango - Colorado

Sleeps 6 +2

Storm-watching is a popular pastime and anyone looking to take part in the activity should consider this quirky Colorado cabin. Its giant floor-to-ceiling windows perfectly frame the surrounding mountains, wilderness, and San Juan National Forest against the backdrop of the storms that are prevalent in the state.

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