Coronavirus Advice

Last Updated: 16th Nov 2020

Different rules for countries in the UK:

Please be aware that the devolved administrations of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have different restrictions in place. Before travelling, please ensure you are aware of local rules - both where you live and where a property is located.

   The BBC has an excellent resource, updated as things change, that explains various different restrictions across the UK. BBC News Explainer They also have a postcode search for where you live.

We have received a number of requests for advice with regards to coronavirus (COVID-19). As a directory site, Coolstays doesn’t handle bookings directly. All bookings are made between the guest and property owner directly, and will be subject to that owner’s terms and conditions. Communication is key, so please ask for as much information as you need to be comfortable about any existing booking or future booking. 

Guidance for guests:

As the situation changes, it is very possible that you may have to cancel or change a booking. Please reach out to the property owner to discuss amending your booking. Ask about flexibility with their cancellation or amendment policies.

If at all possible, please try to change your dates rather than cancel.

If you do cancel and are offered a refund, please consider that all independent owners will be under increased financial pressure at this time and allow extra time to receive the refund payment.

Please do consider planning and booking a trip now for later in the year, or even further ahead. Our property owners will thank you for it.

Guidance for owners:

If at all possible please give guests the option to amend their booking and offer alternative dates in the future. We appreciate this might not be feasible for some owners. Please stay up to date with, and follow, government guidance. It is changing regularly.

Our team:

We are a small team at Coolstays, and we already work remotely a good deal of the time, but for now all staff will be working from home and will continue to do so until UK government guidance changes. We have set up a new phone line that will be routed to our help desk system, and we'll be available as usual via all online channels.

There's no doubt these are challenging times, but Coolstays will continue to support our independent holiday property owners, and your guests, now and in the future. We appreciate your continued support for Coolstays as an independent business.

We wish everyone good health.

Team Coolstays
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