A place in the Pines is a eco-friendly stay

Our Green Goals

What are we doing to improve Coolstays environmental impact and become more sustainable?

Pictured: A Place in the Pines

The inescapable truth: Every holiday involves some cost to the planet.

No matter how close to home you might be staying and your mode of transport, or whatever kind of property you are staying in, your trip will have an associated environmental impact.

Put simply - a carbon cost.

Coolstays are on a journey of our own - to reduce our company's impact on the environment, with the ultimate goal to make our business carbon neutral.

We've split our mission into 3 distinct goals. Read on to learn more about them...

Renewable energy

Goal #1:
Become a carbon-neutral business

Measure our carbon footprint, reduce our emissions and create a future-proof carbon strategy.

We're working with a specialist team to help us measure our carbon footprint, create a plan to reduce our carbon emissions, implement a strategy to achieve net zero emissions and become certified carbon neutral!

Step 1


Measure our Carbon Footprint - the emissions generated by our business activity, both from sources we control and from those we don't.

Step 2


For those sources we can control, we will take steps to reduce the emissions - offsetting our remaining Carbon Footprint with certified projects in Britain and around the world.

Step 3


We'll develop a credible net-zero carbon strategy, to achieve Carbon Neutral Certification - which will be reviewed annually for continuous improvements.

OK, so we’re not there yet - but in the meantime we are doing what we can to redress the balance with some immediate action by donating a proportion of our business revenue to support wildlife projects around the UK.

Wildflow meadows

Goal #2:
Directly support local wildlife projects

Donating revenue to plant wildflower meadows and trees, protect Sussex sea kelp and restore our native oyster beds.

Coolstays are working with GreenTheUK, who distribute our funds to UK wildlife projects that are delivering a measurable local impact - conservation and restoration projects on land and sea, delivered by experts in their field.

For 2022/23 we've chosen to support 4 of their partnerships that resonate most with our team.

Click on an image below to read more about the projects.

The Bothy at Nether Glenny

Goal #3:
Encourage and support greener stays

The Bothy at Nether Glenny is a totally off-the-grid experience.

The Bothy at Nether Glenny

Once you arrive at your destination, it's also important that accommodation minimises its impact on the local environment and is managed as responsibly and sustainably as possible.

Coolstays is encouraging owners to do just this, and we’ll highlight properties that meet our criteria for an “Eco-friendly Coolstay”.

Many owners are already helping ease the burden on the local environment by repurposing old and derelict buildings and vehicles, or building new sustainable holiday accommodation.

They are also adding many eco-friendly touches, from compost loos and solar power, to state of the art heat pumps and EV charging points.

We'll be bringing these "green" features to the front of our search results, and recognising the owners that are championing the cause.

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