The different types of hot tub

The different types of hot tub

13th July 2023

Whether it’s a cedar clad, wood fired hot tub nestled on a treehouse deck, a tin bath sitting in a courtyard garden, or a luxurious electric tub with bubbling jets overlooking the sea, hot tubs can make any stay that little bit better.

Here at Coolstays we have a whole host of amazing stays on offer with hot tubs of all different shapes and sizes. So read this blog post to find out more about the different types of hot tub and see which Coolstays you can book that feature these specific tubs!

The different types of hot tub

Wood fired hot tubs

Aesthetically, we just love wood fired hot tubs. With cedar or larch panelling, these hot tubs look fantastic and often blend nicely in with their woodland or country backdrop. There are few things we love more than getting back to a rustic cabin or cosy treehouse after a day marching around the Great British countryside and hopping into a wood fired hot tub to soak those tired muscles.

These hot tubs are also often more reliable than their electric counterparts, due to the fact that they have less parts to go wrong. And, they are often much quicker to heat up if you’re heating from scratch (a lot of Coolstays property owners will light the hot tub for you so it’s nice and hot when you arrive). However, electric hot tubs will often maintain a consistent temperature, with insulation and a cover enabling the water to stay hot throughout your stay. But if you are heating from scratch, a wood fired model is going to be quicker!

Electric hot tubs are also almost always equipped with a circulation and filtration system, which means they can tackle debris and other dirt in the water. They also often make use of chemical treatments to disinfect the water, whereas wood fired hot tubs often do not. Now, this means that the water may need to be changed more frequently in order to stay nice and clean, but it also means you can enjoy a chemical-free soak, which is a real perk for some people!

Take a look at some Coolstays properties with wood fired hot tubs below…

Boulder Field Cabin

Matlock - Derbyshire

Sleeps 2

Charming hillside cabin in the Peak District with wood fired hot tub and incredible views across the valley.

Woodland Chase Cabins

Morpeth - Northumberland

Sleeps 2 per cabin

Two luxurious cabins on a Northumberland farm with wood-burning hot tubs, and stylish, rustic interiors.

Heartwood Treehouse

Welshpool - Powys

Sleeps 2

A luxurious, hot-tub treehouse for two with spectacular views across the lush Mid-Wales countryside.

The different types of hot tub

Electric hot tubs

So, we’ve already mentioned some of the benefits to an electric hot tub above. They can often maintain a good water temperature throughout your stay and they can keep the water clean and germ-free. But what else do they offer?

Electric hot tubs vary greatly, however, one thing they all tend to be good at, is offering those all-important jets. If you want a tub that’s going to provide some hydrotherapy or a massage setting, then an electric hot tub is the one for you.

A high quality electric hot tub will have a number of different jet settings and a variety of modes designed to make your soak that little bit more luxurious.

Some also come with lighting, cup holders, loungers and even the ability to play music! These hot tubs might not have the rustic allure of a wooden tub, but if you want something more high-tech, more spa-like, and more comfortable, then an electric hot tub is the way to go.

Take a look at some Coolstays properties with electric hot tubs below…

Dyffryn Ceri

Penuwch - Ceredigion

Sleeps 2

Romantic cabin in the countryside near the Ceredigion coast with a hot tub and spectacular views.

Wolf Wood Spa Treehouse

Okehampton - Devon

Sleeps 2

Unwind in nature with a unique spa experience high in the treetops of Wolf Wood in Devon – your hot tub and luxury sauna await you.

The Burrow

Bleddfa - Powys

Sleeps 5

Peaceful and unique Powys holiday home that blends into the hillside complete with modern interior and private hot tub.

The different types of hot tub

Sunken hot tubs

Sunken hot tubs are often just electric hot tubs that have been lowered into the ground. So in terms of what they offer, they are usually identical to the ones we just mentioned.

However, what a sunken hot tub does provide, is a seamless, unobtrusive addition to your Coolstay. These tubs are sunken into the deck or patio and take up less space, meaning they can often be more aesthetically pleasing than their standard counterparts. They can also offer a different vantage point from which to enjoy the view!

Take a look at some Coolstays properties with sunken hot tubs below…

Stormhouse North

Appin - Argyll

Sleeps 2

Luxurious accommodation in the wilds of Argyll, where guests can enjoy spectacular panoramic vistas and an indulgent soak in the hot tub.


Pendine - Carmarthenshire

Sleeps 12

Magnificent luxury home with panoramic sea views, underfloor heating, sunken hot tub, cinema room and vast open plan living area in Pembrokeshire

Stormhouse South

Appin - Argyll

Sleeps 2

Architect designed, contemporary holiday home for two in Argyll with breathtaking castle views, ultra-modern design, and a luxury sunken hot tub.

The different types of hot tub

Swim spas

Swim spas offer the deluxe touches of an electric hot tub, with the additional benefit of allowing you to swim on the spot. These ‘hot tubs’ are usually much bigger than a standard model and use either jet pumps or propellers to create a water current that you can swim against.

Sometimes fitted to the side of swimming pools and sometimes stand-alone fixtures, swim spas are growing in popularity and offer a nice versatility that can make your Coolstays more active and more luxurious all at once.

Take a look at some Coolstays properties with swim spas below…

Broom Hill

Windermere - Cumbria

Sleeps 8

Escape to unrivalled boutique luxury with four stunning suites and a swim spa in the picturesque Winster Valley in The Lake District.

The Cedars

Cullompton - Devon

Sleeps 12

Magnificent house with swim spa and beautiful gardens with views across the lush Devon countryside.

Moonwood House

Beaulieu - Hampshire

Sleeps 10

Stylish holiday home with a beautiful garden tucked away in private woodland in the New Forest, perfect for groups of friends or families.

The different types of hot tub

Outdoor baths

OK, so technically a bathtub is not a hot tub. But we’re adding them to this list because of the recent rise in popularity of the outdoor bath. We’re seeing more and more Coolstays adding alfresco baths and we’re here for it!

Whilst a hot tub offers you and your loved ones the chance to unwind together, an outdoor bath provides a private, peaceful way to relax. Hot tubs are fun and social, outdoor baths are tranquil, opulent and are perfect for making the most of whatever amazing views you’re presented with.

Find yourself a Coolstay with an outdoor bath and enjoy a soak under the stars, indulge yourself with a bubble bath and a glass of something delicious, or simply hop into the hot water with a good book and amazing countryside views sprawling out in front of you.

Take a look at some Coolstays properties with outdoor bathtubs below…

The Wonder Wagon

Ciclain - Flintshire

Sleeps 2

Creatively converted trailer into luxury accommodation with an outdoor bath on a working farm in North Wales for a relaxing rural escape.


Abernyte - Perthshire

Sleeps 2

A fabulous, Scandi-style contemporary cabin with breathtaking panoramic views of the rolling Perthshire hills. The ideal place to slow down, unwind and relax.

Finglen Cabin

Glasgow - East Dunbartonshire

Sleeps 2

Beautiful off grid timber cabin in Campsie Glen, with its own river, porch and woodland setting.

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