How to light a wood fired hot tub

How to light a wood fired hot tub

18th July 2023

If you’ve booked yourself a Coolstay with a wood fired hot tub, you might want to brush up on how to light one. A lot of the time the owner will have the hot tub nice and warm, ready for your arrival, and many will even show you themselves how to light the tub, for the rest of your stay.

However, if you are required to light one yourself, then we thought we’d put together a nice guide to help show you how.

So take a look at our guide below and learn how to light a wood fired hot tub…

Things to consider before you get started

There are a few things you will want to bear in mind before you even think about lighting the tub. Here are some things we think you might want to consider:

  1. How long does it need: Check with the owner how long the hot tub takes to heat up. This can help you get a good idea of when you’ll want to light the tub and means you will be able to get it to the right temperature at the right time!

  2. Clean out the burner: If the burner hasn’t been cleaned out and there is ash and other debris in there, be sure to give it a good clean. Grab a brush or a small shovel (which should be provided) and get rid of all of the debris.

  3. Make sure there’s water in the tub: You should never light a wood burning hot tub without any water in the tub. So make sure that the hot tub is nice and full before you get to work.

Time to light it!

Here are the step-by-step instructions that you should follow to light your hot tub.
How to light a wood fired hot tub

1. Firelighters and kindling

Photo by Padraig Treanor on Unsplash

First up you’ll want to place your firelighters and kindling close to the chimney. Make sure you pile the kindling up in a small pyramid above the firelighters.

Using long matches, light the firelighters and wait for the kindling to catch.
How to light a wood fired hot tub

2. Add your fuel

Photo by Obed Hernández on Unsplash

Once the firelighters and kindling have caught alight, you’ll want to add some pieces of wood or smaller logs to the burner. You should keep a pyramid structure, which ensures air can get to the centre of the fire.

Once you’ve done this you can place the cover back onto the stove. It’s always a good idea to then leave the narrow slot uncovered so more air can enter the stove.
How to light a wood fired hot tub

3. Add your larger logs

Photo by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash

Once the fire is going, it’s time to add your larger logs. Pile them up and fill the stove until it is about one-third full. Once you’ve added these logs you’ll want to shut the door again, leaving the vent open.

It’s important that your fire is burning well in order for it to effectively heat such a large amount of water.
How to light a wood fired hot tub

4. Monitor the fire and stir the water

Once the fire is blazing, it’s a good idea to keep it nice and hot by adding new logs before the flames die down. This way you can continue to add new fuel to feed the flames. You still want to avoid overfilling the burner, so always ensure it is one-third full.

Whilst the water is heating up, it’s always wise to remove the hot tub's cover every now and then, stirring the water with a paddle. This allows the water to heat up more evenly as hot water tends to rise to the top.

Once you’ve stirred the water, place the cover back on top.
How to light a wood fired hot tub

5. Wait for the water to reach the desired temperature

Photo by Bianca Ackermann on Unsplash

Most wood fired hot tubs will take around 2–3 packs of logs and around 3–4 hours to reach the desired temperature, which is around 38 degrees celsius.

In some cases a colder air temperature may cause it to take a bit longer for the water to hit 38 degrees.

You’ll want to continue to monitor the temperature, adding logs when needed. But once it hits 38 degrees, you’re ready to hop in!
How to light a wood fired hot tub

6. It's time to get in!

Photo by Mark-Christian Killick-Calver on Unsplash

Once the water hits your desired temperature, you’ll want to get in. Place another log onto the fire and climb in to enjoy a relaxing soak with your loved ones.

Whilst you’re using the hot tub, you’ll want to ensure that the water stays hot, but doesn’t continue to get hotter. So you’ll want to use your judgement and add logs when you see fit!

7. When you're done

When you’re done with the hot tub for the evening, make sure you place the lid back on top to cover the water. This will mean that the water stays warm through the night, and will save you time heating it up the next day. It will also stop any leaves or other debris from falling into the hot tub.
How to light a wood fired hot tub

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