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4 Incredible Lighthouses You Can Rent Today!

Published: 10th November 2015

Dot & Bo Copywriter, Kellen McKilop was so charmed by our collection of lighthouses, she wrote a feature on them! Dot & Bo is based in San Francisco, and is a uniquely curated shopping experience inspiring you to create your perfect home.

Youre already familiar with the concept of glamping, but now we want you to think outside the airstreams, teepees, and cabins.

CoolStays.com showcases unique vacation rentals across the UK, Europe, and North America (everything from treehouses to historic buildings). Each of its properties has a story, one you can feel as soon as you arrive.

For todays post, were featuring its four lighthouse properties. Thats right. These are real lighthouses that you can actually stay in. Well take a close look at each one, give you a little history on each, and help you imagine what it would be like to stay in one of these renovated, nautical homes.

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1. Bona Lighthouse Stables

Nr Inverness, Scotland

This lighthouse is actually set on the side of Loch Ness. For more than two-hundred years, this lighthouse helped guide ships into the Caledonian Canal, but is now functioning as a house that you can rent.

Wide windows let in streams of natural light and open up views to Loch. Watch as boats sail past, and keep your eyes peeled for any mythical beasts swimming in the waters. A bedroom and sofa bed allow up to four guests to stay at a time, and the sweet rustic charm of this lighthouses interiors make it irresistible.

Admire the mix of stone and wood construction, the cast iron fireplace, and gentle color palette of white, pale blue, and cream.

2. Belle Tout Lighthouse

Beachy Head - East Sussex

The Belle Tout Lighthouse has a rich history and has even starred in a movie!

Around 1828 a wooden lighthouse was built on the cliffs of Beachy Head. This particular coastline was pretty dangerous, and shipwrecks were common. This temporary structure was so successful that a permanent lighthouse was soon built in its place.

In 1902, erosion of the cliff necessitated a new, lower lighthouse to be built, and the Belle Tout Lighthouse was put out of commission. It was bought twenty-one years later by a surgeon, Sir James Purves-Stewart, but he had to evacuate during the second world war when the Belle Tout Lighthouse was used as target practice by Canadian troops. In 1956, the lighthouse was leased to a Dr. Edward Revill Cullinan who installed modern features like a septic tank, electricity, and running water (thank goodness!).

Later it was bought by the BBC and used in their making of Fay Weldons Life and Loves of a She-Devil. Yes, this lighthouse is a movie star! Still, even star-power couldnt stop erosion, and the lighthouse had to be moved, brick by brick, fifty-six feet up the cliff. This was done by the extremely talented Abbey Pynford.

Now, the Belle Tout Lighthouse is owned by David and Barbara Shaw who restored it to its former glory and have made it available to guests.

With incredible views from the top of its tower, a mix of wood and stone construction, and a series of rooms individually decorated with a unique theme, the Belle Tout Lighthouse makes our list of top places to stay.

3. Capo Spartivento

Capo Spartivento - Sardinia

The owner of this incredible structure describes its history beautifully,

The Capo Spartivento Lighthouse was built in 1856 by the Italian Navy. During the last war it was machine-gunned by American planes and, later on, it functioned as the Lighthouse keeper residence until the late 80s. It has lit the way for seamen for over 150 years, slicing the darkness like a sword with its welcoming beam of light, it has become a luxury guesthouse without losing its original function. The Lighthouse is open all months of the year, and its really amazing in summer and even in winter with the fantastic stormy weather of the location."

We love how well this description fits with our own Down by the Lighthouse collection.

Truly, this lighthouse is unlike any weve ever seen before. Transformed into a complex of decadent suites, find arched bare-brick ceilings, a central library, and an elaborate cast iron spiral staircase within its walls. Murano crystal chandeliers, ornate mirrors, and wooden floors are also features of this magnificent structure.

Outside, enjoy 3000 square meters of garden grounds as well as an ancient olive tree, glass gazebos, and outdoor dining facilities. An infinity pool also awaits you, and is a safe and fresh take on the churning waters of the ocean below.

4. Wings Neck Lighthouse

Pocasset - Massachusetts

Built in 1889, this lighthouse consists of a tower attached to the keepers home. It was fully renovated in 2003, readying it for guests.

Coastal in design, the Wings Neck Lighthouse makes use of its expansive glass windows, highlighting the views out over the water. Blues and whites have been used to capture the shoreline look, and a stone fireplace gives everything a cozy feel. White-washed walls further the coastal aesthetic and a large kitchen and dining area give you everything you need for a seafood dinner!

Oh, did we mention that this property comes with its own private beach? Just six-hundred feet away, youll find sandy shores that are the perfect place to set up the towels and toys provided by the owners.

After youve finished playing in the sand, wash off in a gorgeous outdoor shower before heading inside to relax in the family room, one of the three bedrooms, or the pull-out queen size bed.

Most importantly, you have access to the lighthouse tower where you can get even more beautiful views of the sea.

Dot & Bo
Dot & Bo is based in San Francisco, and is a uniquely curated shopping experience inspiring you to create your perfect home.

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